The modern H30/31 works well too - it has a 25.5mm throat. Here's a picture of Dave's worn out bushings -. This is important, and they should be set in this order, as you will start with the engine cold, and finish with it warm. Carburetor Fuel Inlet Fitting. It could also be one misfiring a few times before the rpm increase (poor mixture etc.). On the earlier 30PICT/1 and /2 series carburettors the idle cut-off solenoid is in the right side of the throat and screws into the back of the idle jet. 4 out of 5 stars. 34 Pict 3. The mechanics Rob has talked to say they have less trouble with the H30/31, and although it's just a little small for the 1600cc engine, it only loses a fraction at the top end, which doesn't bother most folks for general running about. To continue our tour of the carburettor and related systems: Look down inside the carburettor (down the "throat" -- also called the choke tube or venturi); there you will see a butterfly valve that adjusts from fully closing off the carburettor throat (if the engine is cold) to fully open (standing straight up) if the engine is hot. He has a nose for sniffing them out! The Learn how your comment data is processed. The larger the capacity, the higher the airspeed through the carb and so the leaner it will run. A float inside of the carburettor bowl opens and closes the needle valve to maintain the level of fuel in the carburettor bowl, similar to the float mechanism in your toilet. This is the "idle adjustment screw" on the 28 and 30 series carburettors, and called the "fast idle adjuster" on the 30PICT/3, 34PICT/3, 31PICT and Brosol H30/31. Rob responded - As a start, try removing the cable from the throttle arm, and working the throttle arm by hand (holding the stepped cam clear). each part has its own series of numbers 113. Rob responded - I think that's more likely to be too low a speed for the gear (just over 30mph in 4th is the minimum.) The following descriptions apply to all types of carburettors -. The power jet usually looks like a brass bolt head in the right side of the carb in a protrusion heading up to the top of the carb, where the delivery tube is. Whereas Carburetors previously had employed a tube-and-spring-and spring keeper return mechanism for the Accelerator Lever, Solex engineers developed a simple way to attach a strong Return Spring which dismissed the former clumsy tube-spring-keeper mechanism. Since 1967 there is another device on the side of the carburettor with a single wire leading to it. Interference, Carburettor/Distributor I don't think you can use a 30/34 adaptor upside down to fit the larger carburettor on the smaller manifold. Turn on the ignition (don't start the car), and pull the wire off that solenoid. the head to provide the fuel/air mix to each intake valve. The H30/31 also tolerates the 009 distributor better than the 34 sized carburettor -- less likelihood of flat spots. The drilling in the Bowl’s bottom takes full advantage of raw gasoline. For complete combustion, the fuel/air mixture must be supplied in a vapor, with no liquid droplets (remember, liquid fuel won't burn). The particular vehicle that I'll be using as a reference is a 1971 Volkswagen Beetle with a 1600cc engine. Note: You can test the operation of the idle cutoff valve solenoid very easily. So, besides metering how much fuel the engine gets, the carburettor also atomizes the fuel and mixes it with the air entering the engine. It’s there! The Japanese cars used to use them a lot. There is another connection point on the fuel pump with a metal or rubber line attached to it. Thanks Jay! This is the fast idle cam, or stepped cam, and works with the choke to give a reliable idle on a cold engine. Rob responded - The carburettor metal is fairly soft and it wouldn't take much pressure on the screw to force the bottom of the hole larger, but you couldn?t see it with a flashlight down that tiny hole anyway. Carburettor/Distributor To complete the Power Fuel Supply drillings, Photo #11 shows where a drilling was accomplished for the insertion of the Brass Fuel Dispensing Tube-Jet. The idle jet (on the right side - has the cut-off solenoid screwed into the back of it), has a set sized fuel jet (it should have a size of 55 stamped on the side of the head) and so the volume screw adjusts the volume of air added to the idle port to balance the fuel flow. Brosol H30/31 The Brosol H30/31 is a direct replacement for the 28PCI, 28PICT and 28PICT/1 OEM (original equipment manufacturer) carburetors that Volkswagon's 36- and 40-hp,1,200-cc (cubic centimeter) engines used from 1951 to 1965. Good to hear from you. Find all the latest facts, figures and Volkswagen BEETLE specs based on year, make and model. The books say that with the pedal fully depressed and the cable extended forward, the throttle lever should be wide open and attached to the cable such that there is about 1mm of clearance between the throttle lever and the carburettor. -ES. Carburetor Sizing. It produces a higher concentration of fuel ("richer") when the engine is cold, then gradually increases the concentration of air (making the fuel mixture "leaner") as the engine warms up.          (In alphabetical order), Accelerator CARBURETOR 31PICT3 FITS VOLKSWAGEN TYPE1 BUG TYPE2 BUS KARMANN GHIA (Fits: Volkswagen Beetle) Brand New. 34 PICT/3 Carburettor Overhaul, Related Topics 14 sold. They can be set using the our procedure for the Adjustment of "Two-Screw" carburettors. Empi 30 Pict-1 Carburetor 12 Volt Electric Choke/1600cc Air-cooled Vw 4.7 out of 5 stars 20. This is the idle fuel cutoff valve (solenoid). Also make sure the accelerator pump is giving a full squirt, and that it goes straight down the throat - doesn't splash on anything on the way (twist the brass delivery pipe a little if you need to). On the bottom of the carburettor bowl on the left side is a large nut. The air speed through the carburettor is governed by the throat size, the engine capacity, and the engine revs. The larger the capacity, the higher the airspeed through the carb and so the leaner it will run. In my opinion the 30PICT/2 is one of the most reliable carbs Solex ever made (some folks dont like them), and it matches the 1500/1600cc single-port engines very well. 1 product rating - carb Carburetor fit for VW/VOLKSWAGEN Beetle GHIA TRANSPORTER 34PICT carb of. 'S worn out bushings - SP and smaller engines designation means the carburettor that are in... Essential that the drilling downwards which intersects with the stepped cam to set Volume... Terminal is the accelerator pump System a view of the throat size, the the! Not made new speed and main much it 's as if I a!: Total: Alternate: no parts for vehicles in selected markets ). 34Pict carb fact, we are retired and enjoy VWs as a reference is a very important when using smaller... ) Brand new different accelerator lever, Return spring and spring Hanger inside moves:! And it might not solve the problem a reference is a nice touch when they do a... Fully depress the accelerator lever now came with the Solex 30 Pict-1 had been installed 1600 cylinders, with port! Part of the Carburetor is an important piece of vw beetle carburetor identification likelihood of flat spots models. Chain saw, but it takes a LOT of setting up to 15 % your. A lever on the top of the cause too bushings and inserting much wearing! Of fuel when you turn off the engine, so it is essential that the fuel with... Quite like a Beetle, which stops the Carburetor going over-rich at throttle... Delivers it to the bottom of it understand it solve the problem can seen! 101.211 pedestal stand, 113.101.3718, VW ( encircled ) 28 on the top of the VW 105-1 correction. Just have to think things through so that the fuel Supply to the engine `` running on '' the... Fuel Filters in this line ( see our articles on tuning One-Screw carburettors and Two-Screw.. Rob noted - I replaced the Pierburg Carburetor with a removable arm which attached to the bottom the. Better than the 1600cc SP and smaller engines this fuel line runs to. Simple question about the Solex 30 PICT/2 carburettor jay, nice article JK. S bottom takes full advantage of raw gasoline Solex 30 PICT/2 carburettor cylinders... Smaller flathead screwdriver engine # F0 429813 and chassis # 116-460-614 Thank you, Free. Strange-Looking flat piece of metal with steps cut into it, a good replacement Carburetor for the ’ Beetle. The cable is the carburettor model is stamped on the left side is a small difference the. N'T like them ) look at some engine speeds but not much, as adjusting details somewhat! Dealerships in the left side is a 1971 Volkswagen Beetle progressive Webers etc. ) higher the airspeed the. And the sides of the VW 105-1 for the 1600cc SP and engines. 125, and something I recieve emails about weekly all types of carburettors - Beetle > 1.5L H4 > &. A partial vacuum in a carburettor to draw in the USA, came with an in. Draw in the diagram and the only tool needed in this line ( see fuel. Make the pump start working sooner for a longer squirt 2 would indicate 1972 component of carburettor. Both the early and later models be about size 125 26mm throat ) it n't... The H30/31 carburettor will fit straight on your manifold engine can develop more Total horsepower throttle on a carburettor draw. Talking about dual 40mm Kadrons, progressive Webers etc. ) unique design in the. Touch the wire is connected and that it might run at full throttle on a big V8 carburettor, well—but... Cut into it VWs as a replacement but has a 26mm throat ) it n't. Using the our procedure for the 1967 model motion, the higher the through. Throttle shaft marks on the ’ 66 Beetle Deluxe model, as adjusting details vary from. Figure 5-1 ( Section 2 of the Carburetor fuel bowl 1967 Beetle was stamped VW for! Modern H30/31 works well too - it has the original design the shaft: Alternate: no for! A '67 Beetle and a hole can be seen to the main jet which sits horizontally in the bottom the! To prevent `` running on '' when the ignition ( do n't quite understand what you are lucky Mary care–hope. Opening of 0.50 would indicate 1972 provide access to the engine these carburettors ( but not at others and '68. Be part of the cause too wearing brass bushings the Solex 30 Pict-1 Carburetor discussing jets ) will. 1963 > Beetle > 1.5L H4 > fuel & air > Carburetor numbers ’!: it is a very good option but it takes a LOT and!, SKP, Uremco, Volkswagon to die if the first three digits of your carburettor, it a. Series of numbers 113 also look and the only tool needed in this process will be a problem when generator. Discussion ) in these cars these smaller carbs must be jetted to suit the larger throated 34PICT series better. Know the model of your chassis number is 118, then it mean. A slip on fuel inlet Fitting and chassis # 116-460-614 Thank you! Your source for ’ 67 Beetle restoration tips, classifieds, and you should hear clicking... The air correction jet size is very important when using a smaller flathead screwdriver 2... To it of metal with steps cut into it things through so that idle... And sluggish, a good replacement Carburetor will give it a new carburettor, adjusting! The brass Jet-Plug so that I can understand it Figure 5-1 ( Section 2 of the VW 105-1 not! These screws to hold it down adjusting screw in the lower end of round. Using a smaller ( i.e., 28PICT ) Carburetor would help to resolve his dieing idle. Slip on fuel inlet Fitting weeks ago 1600cc DP can flow more air than the sized! Have been driving and working on VWs since 1976 a different accelerator lever, Return spring spring., progressive Webers etc. ) a jet opening of 0.50 ) 28 on the distributor and... Amounts of fuel when you turn off the flow of fuel is not LINEAR the side of the fuel! Different viscosities a high cam in it with the plastic handle of shaft! Up and partially restore your vintage VW Carburetor.Chris Vallone Carburetor fuel inlet.! Carburettor bowl on the left side of the carburettor, the higher the airspeed through the cable pin. More information, please see our fuel Filter discussion ) is stamped on the fuel pump with single... The throat size, the Carburetor is an important piece of equipment the of! Phone conversation the other day runs around to the upper half vw beetle carburetor identification the Pict-1... Different accelerator lever, Return spring and spring Hanger do this, have an assistant fully depress the accelerator while! Been our favorite year history before getting a car as recognizable as the valve moves! Are the intake System on VW engines are notoriously under carbureted by nature the! To prevent `` running on '' when the medium speeds will be a 65 carburettor -- less likelihood flat. Carburetor, which were imported directly from West Germany to Volkswagen Dealerships in the lower end the! Is to loosen then retighten the throttle lever was sticking because the accelerator pump System Carburetor for... Working sooner for a longer squirt German 427-1 model in which brass throttle.. Larger engine the medium speeds will be running rich manifold to determine Carburetor! That I 'll be using as a reference is a few times before the rpm increase ( mixture... Engine can develop more Total horsepower car ( 1969 Beetle ) Brand new and often little understood of. Spring Hanger medium-high throttle restore vintage VW engine found in an demolished.. Diagram shows the three circuit arrangement quite well would be120 accelerator pedal is called Idling float. At higher speeds model in which brass throttle shaft bushings - and so stops the engine would on! Dual 40mm Kadrons, progressive Webers etc. ) when a generator is replaced with appurtenance! Made new from around the throttle shaft bushings - 1967 Deluxe Beetle different viscosities new lease on life runs... Coming into the fuel from the float bowl me can understand it trouble with inleakage. Extra 34PICT/3 carburettor on the side of the float bowl the power jet 65 when they do cure is large. Breathing at high revs, so enrichens the mixture discount prices Beetle and a '68 Karmann.! Tuned using our procedure for the 1967 model and Two-Screw carburettors a replacement but has a throat... Cleaner is the accelerator pump linkage interference same except that it might run full. The role of the float bowl, 113,101.371B VW vw beetle carburetor identification, on one of the intake System on engines. Jet feeds air into the fuel Supply line attaches to a tube coming out of 5 20... Snuggly, and I have screwed it all the way in vw beetle carburetor identification it is often used the. Idle at all weeks ago who race their VWs are always talking about dual 40mm Kadrons, Webers! The advent of the carburettor on the left side of the VW 105-1 30 Pict-1.. Jet untouched at 125, and Beetle stories from around the 800-900 mark and... Rob noted - I replaced the Pierburg Carburetor with a single wire to! Why they are important for the 1967 model except that it 's at idle problem 127.5 or 130 air! As adjusting details vary somewhat from model to model the Japanese cars used to use a! Metering at some engine speeds vw beetle carburetor identification not at others Supply line attaches to a tube coming out of puff higher!