The next most expensive are the Four Square, Fresh Choice and Supervalue. Before I get into the breakdown of my total expenses for Te Araroa, I want to note that my thru-hike of the Te Araroa took less than the average of 4-5 months. The Makahika Outdoor Pursuits Centre is hiker friendly and a good place to wait out bad weather. Your NamePoste RestanteStreet AddressCity – Post CodeNew Zealand. Der Te Araroa Trail führt 3000 Kilometer weit von der Nordspitze Neuseelands bis zum Südende. There are two potentially dangerous rivers which will require a shuttle or long hitch hike around. Te Araroa Trust and its eight regional trusts continue to develop all sections outside the public estate. Often hikers might need to wait out bad weather which can make this section of trail dangerous so take extra food just in case. They also have an attached cafe/take away food. Just don’t even bother considering it. Buy enough food for the 85km Queen Charlotte Track between Picton and Havelock. Share with friends. Most people I met on the trail made time by quitting their jobs. Large Countdown and New World Supermarkets for full resupply. We want you to have a safe hike so it's important for you to understand this app is not a safety tool. The kindness of strangers can be quite humbling! The 3000km route stretching from Cape Reinga in the north of New Zealand to Bluff in the south. People hike the trail in wildly different ways, on wildly different budgets. Bildergalerie zum Te Araroa Trail. It is 100 metres from its local beach. For those wanting to avoid towns send a package. Read the Complete guide to Thru Hiking the Te Araroa Trail if you want to read a daily journal of the trail, hints and tips about hiking the trail and how to guides. Many hikers do the long hike all the way to Twizel in one big long push. As luck had it I met a nice local who offered me his caravan at his holiday batch for the night. Not enough to resupply but enough for lunch or a snack. Walk it all, walk it in your lifetime, walk New Zealand - walk Te Araroa! Full Te Araroa Trail resupply at the New World and Countdown Supermarkets. The trail gets harder on the South Island. Hamner Springs – It is a long 55km hitch into Hamner Springs. Viele Thruhiker schwören auf das Apps von Guthook, für den Te Araroa Trail kostet das Trail Bundle 42,99€ und soll allerlei Informationen bieten. I didn’t make any effort to keep my costs down in this area. Resupply Options between Arthur Pass and Lake Tekapo – It is 216km between Arthur Pass and Lake Tekapo. There are many resources available to help make your Te Araroa journey run smoothly, but they don't quite tell the whole story. If you are starting the trail northbound this is a full service town with everything you need to resupply for the start of the trail. A couple of cafes and restaurant options in this tourist town. There is also the Service Centre nearby which is much smaller. New track openings and access to previously inaccessible routes makes over 90% of the trail walkable. Te Araroa means “The Long Path” and so it is. Large Supermarkets but a bit far from the trail. A Trail Angel is someone who provides an awesome service to a weary hiker, whether it be a spot to camp for the night or a hot drink, or shower, without an expectation of anything in return. Hikers walking Te Araroa have been temporarily diverted onto a busy stretch of road between Matapōuri and Ngunguru after a private landowner ended access to a section of the trail. No resupply options but it is compulsory to stop at the Colac Bay Tavern for a burger or fish and chips with your beer. From January to March 2017 I walked the South Island part of Te Araroa, New Zealand’s walking trail from Ship Cove to Bluff. The Te Araroa trail is best tackled north to south, beginning from the top of the North Island at Cape Reinga in late spring. If arriving Friday or Saturday they often have live music, much quieter on other days. Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand and a great place for a couple of days rest. Campground with a small store that has snacks, burgers, drinks and a nice shady place to relax. When I started in New Zealand I was completely over-packed! Organisiert wurden die Baumaßnahmen von acht regionalen Untergruppierungen, den sog. Wellington City has given Te Araroa a budget, and a significant amount of planning has already been done on the Wellington-Porirua route. Next good resupply is Te Quiti 112km away. Every dollar makes a difference. It can be very dangerous to cross but there is a bridge downstream that hikers can use to cross. Large Countdown Supermarket for full resupply and take away food options. It is cheaper to send a package to The Sanctuary Backpackers. Many choices of cafes, restaurants, and take aways. Partner with Te Araroa Trail; Register as an accommodation provider; Close . Der Te Araroa Trail (The Long Pathway) ist der längste Fernwanderweg Neuseelands und wurde im Dezember 2011 offiziell eröffnet. Check before you arrive as reports indicate camping is no longer free. Many restaurants, cafes and take away food options. and a much better resupply option. 15 Erkenntnisse auf und Über den Te Araroa Trail. This could definitely be reduced for people on a budget. If there has been no rain for a long period of time and the hiker is VERY EXPERIENCED at river crossings then it is sometimes possible to hike through this deep and wide crossing. Your NamePoste Restante43 Ballarat StreetQueenstown 9300New Zealand. Many outdoor stores for gas canisters. Users will be able to view official trail notes, maps, elevation, user comments, campsites, huts, and offline topo maps without cell phone coverage. Any issues please contact me on August 2020 hiker. Dezember 2019 hiker. 475 were here. Pac n Save Supermarket is the cheapest option and right on the trail. Affiliate Disclosure. Important Note: Prepare to pack and carry extra food for crossing the Tararua Mountains. Te Araroa Trust and New Zealand Walking Access Commission have joined forces to improve Aotearoa’s 3000km thru-hike. READ MORE: * Te Araroa Trail run in 77 days, 10 hours, 44 minutes * Te Araroa Trail: NZ's own pilgrimage trail But the Australian-based woman is … Contact Boyle River Outdoor Education Centre before sending packages as they have strict rules on package size etc. For future hikers, here's a little taste of what it's like on the New Zealand's Te Araroa trail. It is a hitch south on the main highway to Warkworth which has a New World but most people don’t bother. Your NamePoste Restante39 Ardmore StreetWanaka 9305New Zealand. Your NamePoste Restante536 Anglesea Street​Hamilton 3204New Zealand. Cafes and camping options in both towns. A small detour off the trail/road to Meremere which has a small grocery store for snacks, meat pies, drinks etc. T-12 months: persuade your work to give you time off. . Photo: Matthew Cattin. Photo / Laura Waters. New World Supermarkets for full resupply. These sections make up two thirds of the trail. Fresh Choice grocery store for a full resupply also a choice of restaurants, cafes and take aways. Please check all the latest information at New Zealand post website – Gas canisters at the Mitre 10 Hardware Store. It costs $10 to pick up packages from them. They have a couple of snack options but not much. Te Araroa Trust gets a Millennium grant. There may be a small delay while the site is made safe and walkers escorted through but not more than 5-10 minutes. I was stuck in a hut when I crossed these mountains but had planned for this by carrying extra food. From here if you are not canoeing and choose to do the long roadwalk to Waikare Landing there is a store at the Petrol Station about 4km after the ferry drops you off. Many restaurant, cafes and take away food options. A hitch off the trail to the town of Levin which has a Countdown and New World Supermarket. There are many cafes, take aways and restaurants. Users will be able to view official trail notes, maps, elevation, user comments, campsites, huts, and offline topo maps without cell phone coverage. About 1km before the well known Stillwater Holiday Park is the Stillwater Marina Club which is super friendly and reasonably priced place for dinner and a beer with the locals. Great place for a lunch break or dinner. Der Trail verläuft von der Nordspitze der Nordinsel bis ans Südende der Südinsel. Many hikers camp at this hiker friendly campground. Adventure . For a quick look at what life on the trail is typically like, here’s my video from the AT showing off some of my gear in use: Stay tuned for more! Call them before sending the package so they can tell you how to send it. Large Countdown Supermarket and choice of restaurants, cafes and take aways etc. We want you to have a safe hike so it's important for you to understand this app is not a safety tool. Enough choice of food to do a full resupply here. This is a complete resupply guide for hiking the Te Araroa Trail in New Zealand in 2020-2021. Both have a Four Square for a full resupply also a choice of restaurants, cafes and take aways. There doesn't seem to be a commonly accepted "average amount" for the TA yet, but if I had to guess, I'd put it around 6,000 NZD per person, not including airfare or gearing up. Once you have completed this form, we will send you a welcome email with helpful information about Te Araroa Trail. He wasn’t even staying the night, he gave me instructions on where to leave the key the next morning and left me to it. Many restaurants, take aways and cafes. Te Araroa Trail was founded by Geoff Chapple, a journalist and keen tramper who first promoted the idea of a length of New Zealand walkway in a newspaper article in 1994. Many choices of restaurants, cafes and take aways. Those trying to walk Te Araroa on a very small budget are creating unease and annoyance in some areas by free camping where not welcome and/or not supporting enterprise along the Te Araroa route. Outdoor stores for gas canisters. 2235km Rakaia River / Lake Coleridge / Methven – No resupply option. He test land-owners' response, raises funds, and heightens the project’s profile. Friendly place if staying, not so friendly if you are passing through and want to use their services for free. Eight regional Te Araroa Trusts launch to co-ordinate the trail's volunteers. It is a short hitch uphill from the trail to Arthur Pass. Many hikers, myself included found it very easy to get a ride. Boyle River Outdoor Education Centre – Right on the trail at the junction of Highway 7. The New Zealand Walkways Commission merges into the Department of Conservation (DOC) without having achieved a long trail. The Ferry to and from the North Island arrives in this town. The spectacular Te Araroa Trail is finally getting a proper last leg. South Island Te Araroa Trail. Many restaurants, cafes and fast food options. New World Supermarket with full resupply, also many restaurants, cafes and take aways. The dangerous, silty and very wide crossings of Rakaia River is rarely possible to be crossed by hikers and with just a very small amount of rain in the headwaters it can be life threatening. Te Araroa (The Long Pathway) is New Zealand's long distance tramping route, stretching circa 3,000 kilometres (1,900 mi) along the length of the country's two main islands from Cape Reinga to Bluff.It is made up of a mixture of older tracks and walkways, new tracks, and link sections alongside roads. T-12 months: persuade your work to give you time off. Budget liberally. Many Outdoor stores for gas canisters and hiking gear. Local authorities begin to put Te Araroa into district plans. The publication Te Araroa: A Walking Guide to New Zealand's Long Trail is released. Taranaki local, Rex Hendry, does a wilderness walk that explores a possibility of a length-of-NZ trail. Many cafes, restaurants and take away food options. This includes 15% on back-road trails. If you are not hitch hiking into Hamner Springs then send a package to Boyle Outdoor Education Centre. Die Gesamtdistanz beträgt ca. Jetzt habe ich nicht nur 2 Wochen mehr Zeit als geplant, ich habe mein Budget für diese Zeit in den letzten Tagen auch noch exterem belastet. Due to the possibility of bad weather in the Tararuas which might cause you to loose a day or more it is better to make the Ferry Booking directly after crossing the Tararuas in Waikanae. We recommend checking this page regularly before and during your journey as route alterations may have arisen since planning your journey. Large Countdown Supermarket for a full resupply. They have meat pies, snacks, drinks, water etc. We have 6 tour packages that vary from 3 days to 12 days. Contact Wayne at Alps2Ocean who also makes a short stop for a burger and snacks before dropping hikers back to the trailhead. Full Te Araroa resupply at Pan n Save, Countdown or New World Supermarkets. There is a short cut through the property to get back on the trail. Other things to Consider: Start to think about what date you will be in Wellington. It is easy hiking to Wellington 91km away. It might contain a computer, spare shoes and socks, extra clothes that you will not be wearing on trail such as jeans etc. Also a very cheap and hiker friendly campsite attached to the tavern. / R$259,500 p.a. Click on some of the subjects down the right hand side under ‘labels’. DONATIONS (“KOHA”): $611.50. Dome Cafe on trail and is a welcome site for hungry hikers, also has electrical outlets to recharge phones. Frankston is just outside of Queenstown and is a much better, much cheaper Te Araroa resupply option than anything in Queenstown. It is common to send packages to these locations. Previously, Te Araroa had financed these tracks. You will need an extra day or two in Wellington to purchase, pack and send your resupply packages to the South Island unless you did it in Palmerston North. Wind blows sand in intricate patterns on the last beach before Te Araroa walkers reach View product. No take away meals. Explore a wide diversity of Te Araroa Trail adventure holidays. The Four Square is not too expensive and has a good selection of food. Palmerston North is a complete Te Araroa Trail resupply town with choice of Pack n Save, Countdown and New World Supermarkets. 1km walk to this operational farm which has a cheap cabin for hikers. Some people spend more than $10,000, and we met people that tried to do it on $8 per day (not sure if they ended up meeting that budget or not). DOC receives $3.8 million to invest in Te Araroa across public estate. Large Pac n Save and Countdown Supermarket for full resupply. If you wish to walk a trail on a budget of less than NZD$5000-7000 Te Araroa may not be appropriate. Photo credit: Sean Hamlin. 3.481,5 km 546:07 h 66.430 hm 66.520 hm Wer sich dazu aufmacht, den ganzen Weg zu wandern, … Your NamePoste Restante47 Miriama StreetTaumarunui 3920New Zealand. But to be honest, I was a ball of nervous energy who was on the verge of bursting into tears at any moment. Te Araroa Trust signs an memorandum of understanding with DOC. 20 October 2020. Gas canisters at the hardware store. Many grocery stores, restaurants, cafes and take away food options just off the trail on the main road. Nice place for a rest stop on this long road walk section. From here till Auckland Airport 91km away there are so many places to buy food that it is not really necessary to carry much food. Send a package to Boyle River Outdoor Education Centre or hitch hike into the town of Hamner Springs.